EMT Apparel

There are many types of EMT apparel and paramedic clothing. Men and women have the option of choosing lab coats, T-shirts, trousers. EMT clothing is also available with unique designs and slogans. EMT medic clothes include poly/cotton pants. They are durable and many have pockets with Velcro closures. These slot pockets are great for holding items such as forceps, scissors, and flashlights. Paramedic clothing and EMT apparel can be purchased that have DuPont Teflon coating. DuPont Teflon clothing is made to repel stains and body fluids.

Lab coats, trousers, uniforms, and jackets can be found that has this stain-repellent material. EMT Apparel also includes T-shirts. T-shirts can be found with unique designs and slogans. Many have slogans such as Emergency EMT' on them. T-shirts with the star of life are also available. Women's V-neck dark T-shirts or hoodies sometimes have slogans such as EMT Wife or EMT girlfriend. Infant body suits are made saying My daddy saves lives. There is such a wide selection of EMT clothing and paramedic apparel to choose from that it is easy to find something to suit every need.